How Long Does a UK Background Check Take? - An Expert's Perspective

Background checks in the UK are usually completed within three to five days. However, the exact time frame for a particular background check can vary depending on the type of verification being done. For instance, some checks such as the right to work, UK credit check, DVLA check, and international sanctions can be processed instantly. On the other hand, more comprehensive background checks such as improved DBS checks may take longer.

Generally, a basic background check can take between one and three business days, while a more detailed one may take several days or even weeks to finish. Employers are usually responsible for paying for a background check for a job applicant, particularly if they use a consumer reporting agency to do the verification. The type of pre-employment screening will depend on the job being offered. For example, if the company works in the education sector, performing improved DBS checks will be a priority. Employers or background check companies may be able to give an estimated time frame for the background check process to be completed, but there is no guarantee that the checks will be completed within those timeframes. It is important to provide your employer with any relevant information that can help with the background check.

Additionally, certain checks must always be carried out to avoid breaking the law, including controlling the right to work to ensure that a person is eligible to work in the UK. If someone wants to have the right to buy and carry a gun, they must undergo a background check before permission is granted. BPSS (Basic Staff Security Standard) controls are essential to reduce the risk of illegal workers, identity fraud and protect national security. Depending on the type of position you have applied for, additional background checks may also be required if the position requires a government security clearance, credit checks, or certain professional qualifications. Every country has its laws governing access to individual criminal records, so background check companies must follow strict procedures at times. However, you should only do a criminal background check when it can be justified in relation to the job offered.

Your employer will need to carry out some of these checks as they are required by law; others will depend on the position you applied for and the needs of your employer. We can check a person's criminal record disclosure certificate on a regular basis - weekly, monthly or quarterly - to ensure that there has been no change in their criminal record and to provide real-time notifications and alerts if a person's criminal record has changed.

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