What is the Difference Between Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks in the UK?

When it comes to criminal background checks in the UK, there are two main types: standard and enhanced. Standard DBS checks are requested when applying for a job that requires them, as the government has a list of roles that need to be reviewed. This type of check is more detailed than the basic one, as it looks into both unpaid and unused convictions. On the other hand, an Enhanced Criminal Record Check is the most comprehensive criminal background and prohibition check that can be done in the UK.

It ensures that every DBS verification requested complies with government regulations and is appropriate for the job. The processing time for a standard DBS check is usually one day, while an enhanced one takes around 10 days. An enhanced check includes all the checks required by standard disclosure, plus additional checks of banned lists and information provided by local law enforcement, the Department of Education and Training, and the Department of Health. It is also the only type of criminal background check that a person can request for themselves, regardless of their profession.

The Disclosure and Prohibition Service (DBS) carries out an average of 500,000 checks per month. It is essential to comply with the necessary criminal background checks on potential candidates, as it helps employers make informed decisions about who they hire. This type of verification is especially important when working with vulnerable adults or children.

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