What to Do When an Employer Finds Negative Information in a UK Background Check

When it comes to hiring, employers must take extra care to ensure that they are making the right decision. This is especially true when it comes to background checks, as they can reveal any negative information about a potential employee. In the UK, employers must follow certain guidelines when conducting background checks, and if they find any negative information, they must take the appropriate steps. Being a victim of fraud is a real risk for small businesses.

Nearly 1 in 5 have been defrauded by an employee at some point. By neglecting background checks, companies put themselves at risk of fraud. Unfortunately, sometimes it's the people in your company who can cause the most harm, such as filing false expense statements, misusing company assets, or manipulating potential suppliers and customers. Once the candidate has responded (or the waiting period has elapsed), the next step is to determine whether to continue with the hiring process or not. You must ensure that you have applied your company's background check policy and that you have followed the EEOC guidelines for conducting an individualized evaluation before making a final decision.

If you decide not to hire the candidate, you will need to send a final notice of adverse action. When an employer decides not to hire the candidate based on the results of a background check, federal law requires them to send a final notice of adverse action to the person. This is also sometimes incorrectly referred to as a “failed background check letter”. In the letter, you must explain that the findings of the background check are the reasons for the rejection, the candidate's right to contest any inaccurate information, and their option to request a new copy of the background check within 60 days. If an employer worked with a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) to perform the background check, then they must include their contact information in the notification and a statement that they (not the agency) made the hiring decision. Background checks are not like those TV police dramas where someone can see everything about you in an instant. Access Screening provides an automated pre-employment background check solution that ensures compliance with Home Office's right to work legislation and IDVT's right to work checks in the UK.

It also helps employers stay on top of candidate information when applying for a position. One of the best tools organizations can use to decipher facts from resume ornaments and detect any negative concerns are thorough reference and background checks. From criminal records or driving record violations to falsified discrepancies in employment or education, there are many reasons why a candidate may “fail” a pre-employment background check. If you think that the information about you is incorrect, follow the same methods to find the offending information and clarify any issues. Get evidence of the fact that the violation should not go against your record. Don't make changes to your life based on a proposed new salary if you have questions about your background check.

While you may receive an alert about selection results, a “failed background check” after a job offer doesn't necessarily mean that you shouldn't move forward with the candidate. However, many people have questions about how to proceed when a background check requires additional consideration. Background checks are generally used to verify information in the candidate's resume and employment application. To create a consistent hiring process, it's important to comply with your background check policy when reviewing background screening reports and considering candidates. You can run a background check before your company does if you're concerned about what might come up. If an applicant receives a negative background check, it's important to handle it with care and respect.

Access Screening can help you perform more than 140 different background checks and make sure you're detecting any problems before hiring. Investing in recruitment software and compliance strategy can help avoid any implications from ignoring pre-employment background checks. It is important for employers to take all necessary steps when conducting background checks in order to ensure that they are making informed decisions when hiring new employees.

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