Disputing Information Found in a UK Background Check: How to Take Action

Inaccurate personal information can be a major issue when it comes to background checks. In the UK, the process for challenging a failed background check is to fill out section A of the certificate dispute form or call the Disclosure and Prohibition Service (DBS) customer care team. Once you have identified any errors in your report, you should compose and send a letter of dispute to the screening agency. If your employer refuses to hire you based on a background check without prior notice of the adverse action, you can take legal action.

All other New England states provide mechanisms for a consumer to contest an item in a consumer report or in a background check prepared by a consumer reporting agency. When you receive an alert about the results of the selection, it doesn't necessarily mean that you should not move forward with the candidate if they have failed the background check after receiving a job offer. An “invalid background check” means that the results of the background screening report raised alerts about a candidate for a job, such as a criminal conviction, driver's license suspension, or a positive drug test result. Even with legal assistance, contesting your background check information does not guarantee that you will eventually get the job you are looking for.

It is important to act quickly after receiving notification from your employer about the failed background check. Once you have received notification about negative information in your background check and indicate your intention to contest it, you may expect that your employer should give you an opportunity to correct your consumption report. Knowing which credit histories and reports are commonly incorrect will help you know where to look for information when reviewing your report. For example, the background check may have revealed that an employment or education check was problematic.

That is why understanding why the candidate “failed” the background check helps you make an informed decision for your company. To avoid potential fines and legal action against your company, it is essential that you comply with the law, especially when a background check reveals a criminal record. However, many people use these terms and have questions about how to proceed when a background check requires additional consideration. A notification is sent when there is adverse information in a background check that could influence the decision and must be submitted before a final decision is made.

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