Who is Responsible for Conducting Background Checks in the UK?

When it comes to hiring new employees, employers in the UK must ensure that they are taking the necessary steps to verify the identity of their applicants. This is an essential step for employers, as they will be held accountable for knowingly hiring someone who does not have the right to work in the UK. To do this, employers must carry out a variety of checks, such as the DVLA check, right to work control, and an enhanced DBS check. The primary consideration for employers when conducting background checks is that they are limited to only the information required for the position.

This means that employers should not be asking for more information than is necessary. To guarantee that all regulatory requirements are met, employers may opt to hire an external company to carry out the background checks. When it comes to standard DBS verification, this is a comprehensive background check that covers all aspects of a person's criminal record. This type of check is often used when analyzing a person's criminal record in depth.

Other types of background checks include credit checks, which are used to check credit history such as debts owed and late payments. If a background check fails multiple times and the employer feels that the applicant is concealing important information, they can exclude them from the hiring process. With Checkr, employers can quickly expand their number of hires while minimizing the complexity of ever-changing background check regulations, both in the UK and around the world.

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