Why Do People Fail UK Background Checks? - An Expert's Perspective

Background checks are an essential part of the hiring process, as they help employers to make sure they are making the right decision when it comes to selecting a candidate for a job. In the UK, there are several common reasons why people fail their background checks, such as incorrect information being provided, criminal records, inconsistencies in work histories or resumes, lack of information on financial issues, and false information being reported. Often, a candidate fails their checks because the information provided is inaccurate. This can be solved by asking the candidate to review and resubmit certain details.

A criminal background check can reveal convictions for felonies or misdemeanors, infractions or infractions, arrests that did not result in prosecution, charges acquitted, or charges that were dismissed. Pending criminal cases can also be included in a criminal background check. If the candidate has a criminal record, there are several factors that can affect the employer's hiring decision, including industry-specific regulations and the type of position. However, employers must ensure that they comply with federal laws and guidelines, as well as with applicable fair hiring laws if they decide not to hire a candidate based on the results of their background check.

To reduce the risk of potential fines and legal action against your company, it is critical that you comply with the letter of the law, especially when a background check reveals a criminal record. Even if the convictions aren't related to the job being applied for, it doesn't necessarily mean that you don't pass the background check. In fact, under the guidelines set out in the Offender Rehabilitation Act of 1974, employers cannot discriminate against candidates because they have handed down convictions. That's why understanding why the candidate “failed the background check” helps you make the best informed decision for your company. However, we know that many people use these terms and have questions about how to proceed when a background check requires additional consideration.

A time-consuming (often costly) part of the background check process is getting the data and documents you need from your candidates. In the UK, the top three reasons why candidates failed their background checks were due to inconsistencies in their work histories (18%) or their resumes (12%), and to a lack of information on important financial issues or to bankruptcy (11%). By “invalid background check” it is understood that the results of the report raised alerts about a candidate for a job, such as a criminal conviction, driver's license suspension or a positive drug test result. Being able to vet candidates from all over the world quickly and efficiently with as little intrusion as possible has never been more important. The main way not to pass a background check is if the details of previous convictions appear on a DBS certificate. Assuming your company has an employment selection policy, you must also have a policy and procedure that addresses background check failures.

In addition, employers are legally required to take certain steps when deciding not to hire a candidate based on the results of their background check to ensure that decision-making is based on accurate information. If any aspect of your candidate's background checks prevented you from offering him a job, you must clearly explain the reason to him. You must ensure that you have applied your company's background check policy and that you have followed the EEOC guidelines for conducting an individualized evaluation before making a final decision. Employers use background checks to screen candidates for a job and ensure that they are suitable for the position they must fill. If the references received are poor or unoptimistic, most potential employers will consider this a reason not to pass the background check.

Finally, there is always a small chance that a mistake will be made when performing a background check and that false information will be shown about you that will make you look bad.

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